Why No Updates?

You’ve not had too many updated from me recently.

After that bout of `flu a few weeks back, I’ve had a couple of episodes of stomach trouble, the most recent starting Wednesday and easing off today. I’ll spare you the details.

I have snatched the odd bit of progress here and there, mostly in planning and outlining. For example, I’m thinking about and making notes on the best form of class hierarchy for display objects, which makes me think about a lot of other areas too, including Interface classes to keep the main body of the code detached from the hardware details, and event systems, singleton patterns, and a bunch of other things I’d not really been familiar with given my long absence from coding.

I’m glad to say it hasn’t been completely overwhelming, but given my recurring health issues, I have to be satisfied with small gains.

Thanks for those of you still bearing with me, there will be visible progress soon, insha’Allah.


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