Social Meltdown

I recently went on a spate of disconnection activity. I de-friended everyone on Facebook (a partial Facebook suicide, if you want to call it that), I closed down two of my blogs, I shut down my Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo and a slew of other on-line accounts and services. I disconnected from my MSN, Yahoo and AIM services (though the account still exist).

It all gets too much and it all seems rather pointless. I kept this blog going though, despite not having done anything of any substance on Chimera for 18 days. I’ve messed around with an Interface pattern and looked at some old graphics. A friend even managed to recover some of my original Chimera graphics for me, which was very nice of him.

I’ve had the usual diversionary episodes like “you don’t have the time” and “you have a family” and “why are you doing this stupid vain thing anyway” and “you can’t code” and “why Chimera?” and “how about this other new, shiny game idea instead? and “won’t you get sacked?”, but they are just that, diversions.

The fact is, I got sick, I lost momentum and that was that.

The secret of progress for me is to gather momentum and to guard it jealously.

I have almost no momentum, so it’s my job now to regain it and pick up from where I left off.