Does anyone have any advice on how to get Subversion going on the Mac? I think it’s about time I started to use some kind of Source Control with Chimera.

As for other news, my work on Chimera has slowed over the last few days and I’m going to get stuck in tonight with more code. I’ve a feeling I was trying to over-complicate things, so I’m going to strip things down a bit more to ensure some progress.

Developer Diary 7/9/2010

Had an awful night and day with health. I caught up with work email on the BB after 5 and now it’s close to 7 and I still haven’t been able to bring my head around looking at code. Today, I will be on reduced functionality, trying to do basic housekeeping and aiming for the smallest possible achievement.


Removed ccPoint (my structure representing a single 3D point.)

Using ofPoint instead (the openFrameworks altenative)

Realised my code was falling to pieces (because my ccPoint structure allowed me to initialise the whole point with a static C array) so decided to revert to my own ccPoint class again.

Realised also that I’m not using version control and that’s pretty stupid, even on a hobby project at an early stage. I could simply have reverted to my code from an untouched earlier version. Now I have to revert by hand.

And also realised that by using my own class, even if it’s just a thin wrapper, I’m far less likely to be clobbered when I port it to another platform.

Worked out how to make sure blocks are drawn in the correct priority.

´╗┐Decided I’d like to look at Subversion after all.

Brain is fried, am foggy as hell and it’s only been 20 minutes. I will listen to my body.

Irrespective of recent setbacks (which let’s face it, have been small) I’m hugely optimistic and looking forward to breakthroughs.