Extreme Atari Nostalgia

Atari 8 bit operating system source code

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted here. Just because I stopped working on Chimera (for a while) doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to pick it up again. While you wait for more progress on that, take a look at the picture. I just dug that out. I have an original copy of De Re Atari too.

I sold my Race Inc BMX, won in a competition in 1980, to pay for such manuals. When I started making money out of video games in the early 1980s, I bought the bike back. Sadly, the bike was stolen from a flat in Nuneaton by a bunch of racist scum. It’s a long story. It was a very distinctive bike, and if anyone knows how I could get it back, I’d be really grateful.

Meanwhile, there is an awful lot I want to talk about, but simply cannot say in public, because you know, there are duplicitous scumbags who would do anything to make the lives of other people hell. And I don’t dig that, especially not during Ramadan.

I hope you’re all well, and do feel free to catch up with me here soon for some more nostalgia.



Does anyone have any advice on how to get Subversion going on the Mac? I think it’s about time I started to use some kind of Source Control with Chimera.

As for other news, my work on Chimera has slowed over the last few days and I’m going to get stuck in tonight with more code. I’ve a feeling I was trying to over-complicate things, so I’m going to strip things down a bit more to ensure some progress.