What is Chimera?

I’m really understanding what this game is about now.

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Reframing the past
  • Redemption

In order for the game to be about the above list, these all have to be factored into gameplay. And that’s my challenge.

The energy bit is really easy and most games do a simple variation of this. The obvious example is an FPS game, where you have a certain amount of health, as do the bad guys, and shooting them, or being shot, affects your energy.

I’m taking that a bit further and turning it into more of a real-time-resource-management issue. Energy is a resource, the Environment is a “trust”. In order to fulfill your stewardship of the latter, you need to be clever about the former.

Energy is expended in varying amounts depending on your activity and on the prevailing environment.

Reframing the past is about being able to over-write your previous actions, committed at every stage, and thereby “un-commit” them. And redemption means going back in the game and fixing mistakes that would have been harder to fix at the time.