Wannabe Developer Diary 23-09-2010


I had to overcome some serious hurdles today. The biggest was my state of mind. Exhausted after a short bike ride and irritated at the new neighbours who are on the roof constantly and don’t care who they disturb, even at this hour, I sat down in front of the machine finally at around 8ish. I didn’t make any headway until 9 when I decided that I wasn’t going to play Call of Duty, I wasn’t going to mope, and despite feeling nauseous, I wasn’t going to take the easy option.

I knuckled down and I got stuck into the room loading XML code.

I had to learn quite a few little things today, and in aiming for full room-display using my Blocks class, I almost overshot. I should have been happy at getting the basic roomdata.xml file parsed correctly. That was a big achievement. I wanted more. So I went for Block storing (didn’t quite pull off the STL list, bodged it with the usual C array code nonsense) and then Block display.

As you can see from the extra blocks, some pink, some blue as well as grey, I’m now loading, parsing and displaying roomdata correctly. This is a breakthrough that I expected would take a few days. I’m very happy.

It’s late, I’ve been unwell all evening, I’m exhausted, but I’m exhilarated. That’s a lot of progress in one evening.