Chimera on the Watara Supervision

I just came across this…

I barely remember working on this, but I do recognise the scream. It’s not mine, as on the 1985 versions, it’s unmistakably my brother’s!

The aspect ratio of the screen also offers up a much more overhead view than the first versions. It’s also a lot faster than the originals because the 6502 variant in the Supervision was clocked at around 4MHz, practically RISC like.

Below is a screenshot I found on some site. I’ve removed their attribution, because the game is my copyright, not theirs. I quite like the more overhead look. Not sure I’d use it again though.

Chimera 1992 Supervision

Developer Diary 7/9/2010

Had an awful night and day with health. I caught up with work email on the BB after 5 and now it’s close to 7 and I still haven’t been able to bring my head around looking at code. Today, I will be on reduced functionality, trying to do basic housekeeping and aiming for the smallest possible achievement.


Removed ccPoint (my structure representing a single 3D point.)

Using ofPoint instead (the openFrameworks altenative)

Realised my code was falling to pieces (because my ccPoint structure allowed me to initialise the whole point with a static C array) so decided to revert to my own ccPoint class again.

Realised also that I’m not using version control and that’s pretty stupid, even on a hobby project at an early stage. I could simply have reverted to my code from an untouched earlier version. Now I have to revert by hand.

And also realised that by using my own class, even if it’s just a thin wrapper, I’m far less likely to be clobbered when I port it to another platform.

Worked out how to make sure blocks are drawn in the correct priority.

´╗┐Decided I’d like to look at Subversion after all.

Brain is fried, am foggy as hell and it’s only been 20 minutes. I will listen to my body.

Irrespective of recent setbacks (which let’s face it, have been small) I’m hugely optimistic and looking forward to breakthroughs.