Big Pixels – You Like?

That code I showed you the other day – that was like showing a doctor a boil on your backside that you’d unsuccessfully treated with a home remedy of a pin sterilised in a match flame. Don’t worry, the code dramatically improved, that is, I fixed the bugs and cleaned it up and stopped pretending I understood anything about the bloody vector class and I finally managed to extract some sprites and display them on my demo in chunky pixel form. Here they are.

Bulky Chimera Pixels

What I’m doing here is loading a Spectrum image of my original game, kindly preserved by Internet people, then scanning through it for graphics. the black cut-outs are masks used as cookie cutters – the black pixels got cut out of the background, then the image got blended in. Did you see how I used the word “blended” there? Stop sniggering at the back.

I’ve done the whole faux-retro-pixel thing. I like it.

So I grabbed one of these images and started playing about with it in a graphics package. Here’s my first experiment. It’s a bit weird I know, but I like it.