Chimera Disassembly Help Needed

To build some momentum, I’m going to remake the original in ActionScript and put the finished version up here.

To that end, I’ve started typing in all I have of the original source, which is the room data. I’m at room 8, and that means I’m 1/8th of the way through…

I need your help. I need a disassembly of any of the original versions please. Reasonably clean, ideally with data. You will get a credit in this and the rewrite if you can help and of course a free copy whenever the remake is eventually out. It will also make me really happy and save me time.

So if you can, the originals in case you need reminding were on the Spectrum, the Commodore 64, the 8-Bit Atari, the Amstrad CPC range and the Watara SuperVision. Please help – and ask anyone you know who might be able to help to try and get a disassembly for me. I can still read just about any assembler, so I’d be eternally grateful!


(Update: I’ve just typed all the room data in by hand, so that’s a start.)