Blocks Merged

I’ve just used some jiggery-pokery in Acorn to merge the masks and blocks.

Here’s what I did:

  1. Open the mask and image files
  2. In the mask, I used the instant alpha tool over the bits that should show what’s underneath, usually around the edges
  3. In the mask, I flood filled the blue with black, with anti-alias turned off
  4. I copied and pasted the image into the mask
  5. Then, I used the Destination Atop blend mode and everything seemed to look OK.
  6. Finally, I saved the merged file for use in a modern graphics engine, the results are below.

Block 1 mergedBlock 2 mergedBlock 3 mergedBlock 4 mergedBlock 5 mergedBlock 6 mergedBlock 7 mergedBlock 8 merged

The first one always takes ages, then you get really fast. That’s old school. No fancy gimmickry. Just work on the process, it won’t be easy at first, but repetition is the mother of skill.

Next, I need to work out what the room table indexing was so that I can display the room data I typed in earlier today using a “DrawRoom” routine, isometrically of course. This time, I hope to avoid the bugs I had in the original, but we’ll see.

So, ActionScript? C++? C#?