The Power of Modern Machines

As you know, I have a version of the map data, I have the graphics from the Spectrum version and I’ve started to get things up on the screen.

I’m having to re-arrange the room data, and to that end I wrote an editor. I realised with a frisson of delight that it wouldn’t be impossible to draw all 64 rooms at the same time┬áif I scaled the map down. So that’s what I did, and I threw in a simple editor that allows me to re-arrange the room. I could extend this to allow the room to be edited too, but I don’t need that just now.

I even have the original ZX Spectrum colours reproduced. I’m toying with the idea of allowing the use of graphics from any of the four original versions.

If anyone wants the Mac executable to play around with, let me know, not that it does much apart from scale the scene up and down and allow you to do a sliding puzzle on the whole map.

Chimera map