Just when I think I’m winning

When I’ve broken every door

The ghosts of my life

Blow wilder than before

Just when I thought 

I could dnot be stopped

When my chance came to be king

The ghosts of my life, blow wilder than the wind

Ghosts, David Sylvian

I nearly bought an Oberheim 1000 once in High Barnet’s Digital Village. On a credit card. When I was very overdrawn and seemingly down and out of the games industry, but aiming for a life in music.

Now I’m listening to Ghosts by Japan, which features sounds harking back to the Oberheim days and lyrics that remind me of some of he more poignant parts of my interview with Paul Drury of Retro Gamer last night. Man, I still can’t believe Mick Karn has gone.

30 years. It’s a long time.

There’s still time.

The race is not run.