I’ve finally managed to get a proper coordinate template integrated properly. Everything still seems to work. What does this mean? Well, visually, nothing at all, but internally, it makes the manipulation of coordinates a lot easier and a lot more readable.

There’s been quite a bit of internal re-jigging and I’d say what little there is of the code, is in acceptable shape for further building.

Next step is to grab the original Chimera graphics any way I can. A little helper class will help in that regard and I’m going to call it “streamtoimage” given what it’s suppose to do with streams of bytes. It should be smart enough to decode a number of image formats from the old days, but I’ll be happy for it to work just on the Spectrum version of Chimera. Any stride value, byte order, interleave and colour format should be readable.

Then I’ll actually have some graphics to work with. Why not re-use the old ones after all.