Silly Old Git

Tower git screenshot - Chimera code

I got back from Dubai today. Jetlagged, constipated, exhausted.

I wanted to make some progress on Chimera without coding. So I got git installed using an OS X installer I found on Google Code. Others have referred to it, so I thought it’d be better than trying to get MacPorts going.

I also downloaded Tower, a GUI for git and used that to create my first local repository.

Xcode 4 has git support built in and so far it’s all worked very well.



Does anyone have any advice on how to get Subversion going on the Mac? I think it’s about time I started to use some kind of Source Control with Chimera.

As for other news, my work on Chimera has slowed over the last few days and I’m going to get stuck in tonight with more code. I’ve a feeling I was trying to over-complicate things, so I’m going to strip things down a bit more to ensure some progress.