Chimera II

Before David and I started work on Pandora, we talked about an interim project. We should have done this.

I loved the way we worked back then. I’d have these grandiose ideas and David would help me to ground them. This makes me sound creative and David sound organised, but actually, David is perhaps more creative than I. It was just the way we interfaced. It’s almost impossible to describe, but it worked to a fashion.

David went on to create Conflict: Middle East Political Simulator, one of the most innovative games I’ve played. (I helped with the graphics libraries and music, and with porting, graphics and music on the St and Amiga versions). He then created the even more ambitious Floor 13, which I’ve urged him to remake for the modern era.

Chimera II would have been a suitable half-way point between the commercial success of Chimera and the creative ambition of Pandora. I had a bunch of ideas, which David then ran with and turned into something actually useful. I present his Chimera II document to you after 27 years. This won’t be what I make next, but it might have been a very good Chimera II in 1986.

1985 Chimera II Design Notes 11985 Chimera II Design Notes 21985 Chimera II Design Notes 31985 Chimera II Design Notes 4