Chimera 1.2 – Some Build Notes

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 17 57 37

Move: WASD keys and cursor keys

Space Bar: Take, use, drop, combine

‘M’ key: Map

Shift key: Activate Teleport view.  Experimental. While holding down the shift key, you get a view of the room you’re facing if you’ve visited it. If you haven’t, you will get a random mess and if you then hit space bar to activate the teleport, you will die. If you are going to land in a room you have previously visited, then so long as you are not going to land in a block, the teleport will be successful. You’ll be able to cover large distances pretty quickly this way. Note, activating the teleport view uses up a lot of energy.

Energy and coolant are constantly running out

More load and movement depletes energy and coolant faster

Radiators and missiles deplete coolant very fast

Loaves of Bread and Mugs of Tea restore energy and coolant respectively

Terminals give some basic hints


Debug Mode: Tab key (toggle)

Place 4 missiles to activate self destruct, then find the green room to escape.

You can do lots in debug mode – pressing ‘e’ replenishes coolant, ‘c’ coolant

Also in debug mode, WASD moves you around the map

I won’t give too many other things away on debug mode


Combine weird objects to create missiles. The Spanner needs to be combined with a Bolt. The Bolt is hidden near the bottom of the map, behind an electric fence.


This build is a lightly modified 1985 game sitting on top of a much more modern engine. If you look in the Configuration folder, you’ll find lots of JSON files. Fiddle with these at your own risk, but you can change an awful lot, including the graphics, rooms, puzzles, etc.


This build is somewhat buggy, but I’d really appreciate you reporting everything you see in the comments on this blog. Please also sign up for the newsletter. It’s infrequent and it’s going to be about notifying you about important updates.

Chimera – Mac with Map

Screen Shot 2012 12 02 at 21 22 25

I said I’d update the game, and one of the things a few of you asked for was a map screen. Press ‘m’ to bring up or dismiss the map.

Here’s the cool thing – the game is actually fully playable in the map screen.

Grab the latest Mac build here:

I’m still working on that bug in the PC version. I’ve tried a few things, so might have an update soon. Apologies for the delay.