Chimera Beta (sort of)

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Latest build of Chimera now available for Mac. Will shortly be available for PC.

Most of the sound and feedback text is now in. Instructions follow:

  • WASD or cursor keys move the player
  • Space bar for action to pick up static objects, or combine them with another static object in front of you, or to consume bread or water, or drop a missile in a blue missile room, or access the terminals (which currently don’t tell you much)
  • Arm four missiles to start the self-destruct. You then have 60 seconds to exit via the green room
  • Moving uses energy up faster. If you’re carrying something, energy gets used up even faster. If you’re pushing against a block, that uses up energy. It’s more efficient to move without bumping into blocks
  • Radiators drain your coolant, the closer you are to a radiator, the faster your coolant drains
  • Missiles drain your coolant, as does proximity to an armed missile
  • When you die, hitting the L key (lower case ‘l’) will reLoad the game

Debug mode can be entered by pressing the ‘/’ key. I recommend playing without debug, but here are the keys anyway:

  • WASD moves you a room at a time around the map, cursor keys still move player as usual
  • ‘e’ replenishes your energy, ‘c’ replenishes your coolant
  • ‘r’ resets you to the first room
  • ‘m’ gives you a missile
  • ‘t’ gives you the torch
  • ‘k’ clears your inventory
  • ‘p’ places a missile, or rather, just increases your placed missile count
What’s left?
Help text on terminals
Bug-fixes, tuning and a little polish.

Get the Mac build here: (This version should work on OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and above)

Get the PC build here: (coming soon, currently a bit buggy.)

Update on PC build:

I’m hitting some issues with the PC version, primarily audio related. Theoretically, a recompile should work. In practice, I get crashes on audio playback and it might be because my version of the Cinder library is not up to date. I’ll have to look into that. Bear with me, it’s going to be a few days. The Mac version is smoother for some reason, even on slower machines. I’ll look into that.