Extreme Atari Nostalgia

Atari 8 bit operating system source code

Yes, it’s been a while since I posted here. Just because I stopped working on Chimera (for a while) doesn’t mean I wasn’t going to pick it up again. While you wait for more progress on that, take a look at the picture. I just dug that out. I have an original copy of De Re Atari too.

I sold my Race Inc BMX, won in a competition in 1980, to pay for such manuals. When I started making money out of video games in the early 1980s, I bought the bike back. Sadly, the bike was stolen from a flat in Nuneaton by a bunch of racist scum. It’s a long story. It was a very distinctive bike, and if anyone knows how I could get it back, I’d be really grateful.

Meanwhile, there is an awful lot I want to talk about, but simply cannot say in public, because you know, there are duplicitous scumbags who would do anything to make the lives of other people hell. And I don’t dig that, especially not during Ramadan.

I hope you’re all well, and do feel free to catch up with me here soon for some more nostalgia.