Happy New Year

I’m still thinking about Chimera, but coding has slowed down massively. I’ve done very little on it of late, but have absolutely no intern of abandoning it. 2010 was just the first year I decided I want to directly make games again, like I used to. In 2012, that feeling is still there, but in my middle age, has become somewhat tempered by the realism of knowing what can be realistically achieved.

This year marks 30 years since I self-published my first game.

It’s a long time to be in any business.


Least of all one that has gone through such dizzying changes, and yet somehow managed to retain so much of what made it wonderful back in 1982.

I don’t regret failing my ‘A’ levels, which I’d given up one year in because I’d been bitten so badly by the programming bug. I used to feel ashamed of not having a degree and I felt a little disappointed at having missed out on the experience.

No longer. I think university is a complete waste of time for many people. I think education is due a radical makeover.

Back to 2012. Happy New Year to you. I’m excited about what this year has in store.