I’ve had a bit of a setback with the health and have been unable to work at either the office, or on Chimera. My ankles and feet have been problematic and my blood sugar has been wildly out of control. It’s also affected my state of mind and it’s a constant struggle to realise that my mental state is not correct, simply because of extreme physiological factors, like 1000% swings in blood sugar. I won’t allow this to get me down and will get back to it as soon as health permits.

Eid is on Friday, so I won’t do any work on it then and tomorrow I hope to be back at work at the office.

So expect some news on Saturday, when I shall tweet progress.

I want to focus on a number of things in turn:

  • Room data format in XML
  • Room data parsing and display
  • Block attributes
  • Room display (I’m going to have some room-on-room action)
  • A simple depth sort (in the old days, there were always glitches in doing this cheaply in iso, I plan on getting this right)
  • Collision detection
  • Navigation between rooms

I don’t want to see any further down the road than that.

Oh and if anyone can get me some graphics, that’d be appreciated. I need:

  • Chimera spaceman based on the original with walk cycle, rotate cycle, touch object in front of him cycle for 4 directions, die cycle
  • Geometric shapes based on a block graphic that’s 64×64 pixels, using RGBA8 (I might go to RGBA4 eventually, we’ll see)
  • Artifacts of value
  • Background walls

My visual references are the original Chimera, Alien 8, the film Moon and the TV series Space 1999.

If you can help, I’ll be grateful.

Oh and if anyone knows how I can get around that openFrameworks rendering using glOrtho, that’d be appreciated.



One thought on “Setback”

  1. Your list looks really sensible.
    (modern processors should make even the most naive depth-sorting algorithm viable without optimisation for rooms of your size – I’d start with simple + brute force).

    it would be useful if you could post a single image (ideally a photoshop psd with guides) which contains the templates for all the graphics at the sizes you want them – i.e. the spaceman and the blocks scaled up to the new resolution). That way folks can draw over them. Also would be nice to see the original colour palette as a swatch (of coloured blocks) in the same image.

    glOrtho – no idea I’m afraid. Does this help? (guy posts code using it which he claims to work):

    Other than that, mail or tweet the openframeworks guys, or post in the forum? They seem like a helpful bunch.

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