Room Data

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I can’t run away from this, it’s time to stick some data in and make it work as a little puzzle world. In the old days, I just had a bunch of bytes. You’ll recall that I wrote the map data in by hand. Well that won’t cut it in the 21st century and the biggest reason for that is not because it’s the quickest way – it is actually quicker to do it by hand and not have to write any code. It’s the best way because if you don’t get it right first time, and you certainly won’t, then you need a tool that doesn’t force you back to the drawing board every time. You need a map editor or room editor that is actually part of the game so that you, or a game designer, or a tester, can make tweaks and changes until you’ve got the playability, challenge, difficulty and surprise just right.

I’ve managed to successfully add the XML addon to openFrameworks (not a challenge for a decent programmer at all, and not a challenge even for me, apart from having to overcome the usual inertia, the temptations offered by distraction, the constant shooting, agonising pain of diabetic neuropathy I get in my feet, my hands and other parts of the body and the incorrect self-image I have of not being able to do this. I can do this, God willing, and I damn well will do it.

I know it looks like I haven’t got much yet, but this is more progress than I’ve made in a while, I’m winning the internal battle and I am determined to see this through. If you’re still with me, if you’re still reading, please, send your friends here and give me all the encouragement I can get. This is a much bigger personal challenge than I’m disclosing.

(Oh, yesterday was a day off, thus no work then)


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