Progress – 9:40pm

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 21.41.19.png

This is funny. I need some graphics for the player sprite. I don’t have the patience for drawing, but what I do have is an Internet connection.

So I googled screenshots of my 25 year old game and found a couple of screenshots with the player character in them. All I have to do is extract them, scale them up a bit, do a reflection for the up and down sprites and I’m good to go!

Other news, scaling works pretty well too, so I’ll have to have some of that in the game, probably for the score effects. I want to have the score behave like a pinball machine. Lots of noise and feedback.

Oh and lots of generated sound, old school charm, has to be done. It won’t be a SID chip, but it will be good.


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