I’m still very weak and have limited energy. I’ve slept most of the day and am still exhausted. Whilst many of the fly symptoms have subsided, I’m left with a chest infection and am pretty run down. I’ve been off work a week, but I’ve also been off pretty much everything else all week too, including reading, blackberry, TV, you name it. I’ve managed the odd tweet, but even using the iPad in bed has been knackering.

I was off sick from work during a week I should have been celebrating on two counts. I can’t share that with you, but if you know me from work, I can mention them in an IM.

I’m not going to be able to get on with Chimera for another week I don’t think, because as I get back to work, I suspect I’m going to be too exhausted in the evenings for at least a few days and I don’t want a further setback.

I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, thanks for your kind wishes and prayers. Back soon – insha’Allah – with lots of ideas.

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