One Step Beyond

Never, ever, ever give in. Sometimes, I accept that the day is done. And that the battle continues the next day. It hasn’t been lost, it’s just going to go on another day. Then I carry on. And on. And on. 

I’d made little visible progress tonight and I was about to call it a night. Then I pushed past and had the breakthrough. I now have the original Chimera drawing in 3D. The blocks are placeholder and all the same, the camera needs adjusting, but it’s there. Lighting, shaders, perspective, 3D, C++, 3 days.

Never give up. 

Push through.


Screen Shot 2013 05 29 at 22 28 27

Screen Shot 2013 05 29 at 22 28 37

Screen Shot 2013 05 29 at 22 28 39

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