Now, Where Was I?

I’ve just got back from GDC in San Francisco. That was the first time I’d been since 2002. I was amazed at how big it’s become and just how much energy there is in games development.

I’ve now downloaded the latest version of OpenFrameworks and I’m going to get stuck in again. About time, isn’t it?

One thought on “Now, Where Was I?”

  1. About GDC. Never been there, I just have to rely on relations. (I’ve only attended once to AIGameDev in Paris and it was great and I hope to go there again). What I like about living today is that we have all those great technologies that you can see at GDC and you see all those huge games being released and at the same time there is still some space for smaller games that might be created by few or even one person.

    And how’s Chimera? I am looking forward to it but to be honest, I am probably more interested about your thoughts on it and how do you want to remake it (I’d still like to play it though).

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