Not Bad for a Day

1:57 PM


Isometric allows me to make a lot of assumptions.

For each Chimera block, I need to draw 1024 voxels. Each voxel is always going to have the same shape, or geometry, but not scale or size necessarily.

3:54 PM

Lots of learning about how to do meshes and stuff in Cinder.

I have a cube being drawn as a VBO. Next up, I need to set the normals and rotate it isometrically before it gets drawn.

6:10 PM

Pretty lost in experimentation. I keep oscillating between a simple isometric approach (fast) and a full-blown camera approach (flexible, and possibly not much slower)

11:05 PM

A breakthrough.

After pontificating one way and another, I took half an hour of Byron’s time (thanks Byron!) and received some valuable insights into how the rendering pipeline works.

I spent a few more hours working and you can see the results for yourself. This morning I had never done any real 3D programming in my life. I’m a family man and a business development person with lots of distractions and of course, today my Twitter timeline saw an unusually high level of activity… And now, I have shaders running, drawing a cube from a given camera position. There are still some kinks to be worked out, but I’m really happy with how far I came in a single day.

Chimera2 image002

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