New Vector Look

I totally adore the visuals for Pix ‘n Love Rush. I don’t think the game is suited to iPhone as much as it would to PSP, but I’m biased, and I also have a problem with abstracting buttons, which are in themselves an abstraction. The visuals are awesome though and the game is charming.


So I was thinking about how I’m going to represent the blocks when they’re in their energy state (as opposed to matter). And then someone mentioned this game to me at work today and of course, I pulled out my iPhone to show it sitting in my primary games folder, proudly.

I bought the game because of its look, first and foremost.

And then it struck me as I rode a Boris Bike from the office to Frampton Street – I could use vector outlines for the blocks in Chimera, a bit of alpha, and hey presto, energy blocks!

So I’m going to play with that look and see if I can get some blocks going using vectors. Having never done the “glow” look before, I’ll be working it out for myself, but my guess is I draw a solid line and the same line on either side, but with more alpha to get the glow. We’ll see.

I’m not getting much progress with the graphics for the game, so I might as well give vector a go in general while I work out what to do next.

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