After a slow start to Thursday, I’ve really picked up pace and have implemented a simple particle system. At the moment, the only “force” that acts on each particle is Penner’s quadratic easing equation (ease in, ease out). It’s fine for now, but I will add proper forces later. Well, we’ll see. It makes for smooth movement at varying durations, so advance/retreat, rise and fall have different speeds. Given the focus on energy in the game, each of these movements will result in a different amount of energy being used. You will have a limited amount of energy for each level. Rising is going to be very expensive, but might get you an an energy pack that lets you etc…

** STOP PRESS ** 2:34 update ** I’ve now got really basic floor collision in, so the player won’t fall through the floor. Makes it feel a bit solid. Next, really must get some energy, scoring and room table design done.

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