Insane Power!

Screen shot 2010-09-01 at 16.10.48.png

25 years ago, reasonably decent assembler let me get about 50 blocks of 32×32 pixels updated on the screen at about 15 frames per second. Oh, and they were a maximum of 4 colours, or 2bpp. Today, I can get over 1700 blocks of 64×64 pixels at 32bpp on the screen for about the same frame rate. With a little bit of optimisation, i.e. hidden block removal, no alpha where it isn’t needed, that figure can go up.

The power at our disposal these days is truly insane!

Now that I’ve got a simple isometric coordinate system in there and drawing works, I need to set up the first room and get it to start observing some rules.

Oh and another decision – make the scoring really interesting, dynamic and rhythmic. I’ll explain that last concept another time.


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