I Need Art


First step is to draw an isometric cube. I’ve done this maybe a hundred times or more in my life. I can’t bring myself to do it again. Is this where it all ends? Is this where the hopes of creating a remake get dashed? On the rock of Pixen, or Photoshop, or Acorn, or any art package, it doesn’t matter, because none of them are DPaint IIe and none of them are ProMotion and certainly, none are Art Studio.

I’ve used all of the above and I’ve come to realise that even if I was any good at art, I don’t enjoy it. No amount of up-to-date software can save me from that.

I have to ask myself as night descends, am I going to have to face the fact that I just can’t hack it, and that I’ve not been able to hack it for a very long time?

In case you’re wondering, I downloaded that one. And I can’t use it because it’s true isometric, not dimetric. I’m not going to get all anorak on you, but in brief, a true isometric cube would have a 30 degree stepping angle for the non-vertical lines in the cube above.  A dimetric cube would have 26.565 degree angles. The reason the latter is more useful is because it allows for a simple two pixels across by one pixel up or down ratio. It’s much easier to draw. Except I still can’t draw. Or I probably could, but I no longer have the patience for it and would much rather have a cigar and watch telly with the missus.

Is this where it ends? Again?


And 5 minutes later, I’ve found a 64×64 iso cube that will do the job perfectly well. Here it is….


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