How To Be Modern


I managed to get a fair bit done last night, including a utility class for handling isometric projection that was more accurate than the hack I was using, and I also reorganised the test app so that the code was a lot cleaner, breaking everything up into helper functions that could be switched in and out. This meant taking all the crutches off and letting what I had stand up on the bare bones systems in place. The codebase is growing, but it is more organised and useful.

Yes, I did get a vector cube up, but it looks very plain and sad and distinctly unglowy. I did a really silly brute force method – I drew a cube, then drew it again adjacently with alpha. It looks boring. No glow. Perhaps I need more cubes.

I need to write an event manager too, that’s something I realised today.

As for gameplay, I’m continuing to shape my thinking on that and will write something up later today.


If anyone can advise me on a quick and dirty hack on how to get glowing vectors going, that’d be really helpful. My favourite examples of this effect are above. I didn’t play Geometry Wars much, but I played Orbital to death and loved it to bits, especially the over-the-top vector glow chic.

My quick and dirty method is shown below. It looks awful. It looked better with line smoothing, but believe it or not, that utterly destroyed the performance. It was stunningly slow.


I suppose I could really cheat and draw the cubes in a paint package and add glow. That’d be the old way. It’d look the same. Maybe even better. It just wouldn’t be very cool. I’m too old for that to matter now, surely?

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  1. Thanks Ricky, yes, I knew that and had turned the additive blending mode on, but I needed a few other things apparently. The thing I’d missed is you need to have a value in all three channels so that the glow will go to white. I’m also still not 100% on how to do the lines as quads and then texture them with a glow texture. I’ll get there in the end, but for now I’ll do more basic stuff!

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