I’m about to try something really unusual.

I’m going to remake a game I made 25 years ago. There’s nothing particularly special about this game. Well, not that special anyway. There’s nothing I particularly want to change about it, but I will.

It’s just that I stopped programming way too early in my games programming career, and even though I accept that my skills are certainly no match for most programmers nowadays, there’s this urge I have not been able to control, this itch that just has to be scratched.

It’s absurd, I know, but I’m about to remake a game I made a quarter of a century ago and I’m going to share the process with you. I hope you’ll stay with me.

2 thoughts on “Chimera”

  1. Hi,

    I’m currently working in the industry making sound and music for games.. Chimera.. Yes!! If you need lovely audio for it, get in touch. Good luck with it.. Hope you rediscover the goodness.


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