Chimera 1.2 Mac Release

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A build of Chimera is attached. It’s my second remaster of the 1985 original. Note, this is not Chimera 2, the reboot. This just reflects some of the work I’ve done on underpinnings that will allow me to dramatically scale up the original game to something that actually has some gameplay in, has much more depth, replay value and yet still be quirky. Chimera 2 will be build on top of the new underpinnings. This is 1985 clothing on top of a much more modern game engine. There is still a lot of work to do.

I’d love your feedback. Please post it in the comments below. 

If you’re at all savvy with the Mac, you can open the package and alter all of the files in the configuration folder if you’re brave, starting with config.json – this will even allow you to change the graphics to the C64 version (without palettes, so it’s a pretty dull look) using the “Images File” tag. Change it to “images_C64.json” or “images_Spectrum.json” depending on your preference. Lots of other variables for you to play with. All that good stuff is in the Assets folder. Play around with it at will. The most fruitful immediate gains will come from playing with the Configuration files.

Chimera 1.2 for Mac can be downloaded here

Biggest obvious change to 1.1 is a teleport feature. Hold down shift and you will see an overlay to the room you’re facing, but only if you’ve visited it. If teleport will get you to the same position in the facing room without hitting a block, then hitting the action key (space) will get you there. The more you visit a room, the clearer it will become in teleport view. You can cross long distances with two or three hops using this. So, hold shift, then space when you’re ready. If you teleport into a block or a room you haven’t visited, you’ll die. 

Another smaller change is that you can drop objects that aren’t energy or coolant.

WASD or cursor keys to move. Enter debug mode by hitting Tab, but try to avoid it if you can.

Space for action (pick up, drop, use, teleport)

You can see a map by pressing ‘M’

Known issues:

  • Missile rooms are a bit messed up. 
  • Collision is glitchy
  • Character sometimes keeps walking regardless of input
  • Doesn’t seem to work on OS X Yosemite (10.10)
  • Possible to drop objects into blocks

So, Chimera 1.2 for Mac can be downloaded here

Please do leave feedback below.

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