Atari 400/800 Operating System Source Listing

Atari 400 800 OS Source Listing

I scanned my entire OS Source Listing manual for the Atari 400/800 yesterday, at 600dpi. You can find it here. Drop me a note in the comments with any feedback, or at Twitter – @shahidkamal

This means a lot to me.

4 thoughts on “Atari 400/800 Operating System Source Listing”

  1. Thanks for putting this up.

    It is rather big. I hope you own your own bandwidth.

    Maybe there’s an optimization possible by forcing everything to black and white?

    At 600 dpi you should be able to dial up the compression a bit before there is any visible corruption added. Just some ideas.

  2. Thank you to preserve old stuff!

    I did one of my first bigger projects (a memory resident 6502 assembler/monitor) on an Atari 800XL, some experimental stuff later on an Atari 130XE (which i bought from the money i got for the 6502 assembler/monitor) like a sound digitizer or a data interface to transfer stuff from/to a C64 and eventually ended up with a Atari 1040STe where i had my first big own project – the “Thing” desktop.

    Now – nearly 20 years later i still work as a professional software developer and run several websites on my own servers – but unfortunately i don’t have the 8 bit machines any longer. Only the 1040STe is still alive and from time to time i just have a look at it to remember my roots.

  3. That’s really cool… I saved that to my HD for posterity…

    Never know when I might want to peruse it for nostalgia.


  4. I used to have a copy of this and carried it around to all the Atari User Groups I went to here in MN. Thanks for taking the time to scan the document, and maintain it on your sit.

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