Animation Working

Feel free to download the latest build. I’m quietly pleased with how much progress I made, though for any of you doing any development, it’s nothing to write home about.

As for me, given the other demands on my time, I’m pretty happy.

Keys are WASD to move around the (entire) map. Use [ or ] to zoom in and out.

Roboman is in there, animated at different speeds.

Oh and the zip file contains both Mac and PC versions. Yes, thanks to the wonders of the Cinder library, I am multi platform, simultaneously, not that with my simple code that’s much of an achievement! (PC I hear you ask? Yes, this Macophile bought a cheap Dell laptop from Asda. It’s been good for Steam games too.)

Tomorrow I’m back to work, so progress will slow down again. It’s been a fun 4 days!

One thought on “Animation Working”

  1. It is amazing how often new updates come 🙂 And I am looking forward for the final result.

    I couldn’t run provided executable on Win7 (64-bit) (Debug Error! R6010 – abort() has been called) but it doesn’t matter as it is still WIP.

    Keep up good work 🙂

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