Afternoon Braindump

Pasted from Googletalk:

Ricky: okay..
how about you have some different ‘modes’
in play mode, the game behaves as it should for the player
wall collisions etc.
but you can switch to other modes
and in these modes, your character becomes your edit cursor.
so you hit a key, and the room fills with blocks
blocks everywhere except for where your character is standing
and then everytime you move, you destroy the block where the character moves to
so you can ‘carve out rooms’
as the player.
you can press plus and mins
to move between a number of room ‘slots’
and it transparently saves everything to xml and reloads on startup
then there’s the opposite mode
you hit a key and it clears the room of all blocks
but everytime you move it leaves a block behind
so you have constructive and destructive edit modes
and you should be able to churn out lots of rooms really fast
and then…
you maybe have some gameplay mechanics that let the player do similar things, albeit perhaps in an energy-limited way
the advantage of this would be…
playing / testing and content-creating/tweaking become almost the same thing
okay that’s enough braindump from me 🙂
Oh wait, it seems it wasn’t enough:
Ricky: linking rooms to exits would work the same way
stand somewhere
hit a key
cycle to the room you want to link to
hit the key again
boom! They are linked
store your rooms separately from your links, in good database 3rd-normal form style..
shahid.k.ahmad: awesome
I haven’t done any decent database work since 1991
Ricky: some more inspiration:
this is Unity – it’s a super fun, block-based sculpting tool

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