This blog is ostensibly about the remake of Chimera, but the subtitle is just as important – a chance to reprieve past ambition.

Shahid’s recent burst of enthusiasm has even encouraged me to chip away at my pet project. I’m experimenting with an austere text and picture game that works in a small format. Its a space genre, developed with ruby shoes. I’m even using dropbox for access anywhere source control.

I have as much ennui as the next wage slave, but fewer reasons to not do stuff. But this is definitely the retro age, with a proliferation of devices that need content. So now is probably the time.

2 thoughts on “Reprieve”

  1. I’ve yet to do any source control with Chimera. I almost lost some work the other day and had it not been for Time Machine, I’d have been in trouble. I would like to see all my deltas though, how are you using Dropbox for your source control? Do share!

  2. Certainly can’t use it for deltas! But ok as a repo. I like it for easy access across Windows / Ubuntu / WebOS. I would use git but Shoes works nicely with windows.

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