Chimera C64 iMessage Sticker Pack


You’ve had a Chimera remaster and let’s face it, you want the remake, not a slightly better 1985 game. I haven’t nade any further progress since I started working on Logos. You might have seen an early Unity screen shot using the original maps.


The next thing I was going to work on was bringing the “robot” to life. (It was actually supposed to be a spaceman, but now I’m not so sure.) I’m also trying to get a basic build running in VR as a testbed.

If you have an iOS device running iOS 10, you might be interested in the sticker packs I’m releasing to commemorate my 31-year-old (crikey!) game. The first version will contain graphics from the C64 version. I’ll do a Spectrum version soon after.

All of the animated objects from the game feature, as do all of the static blocks, a couple of screenshots and some text. If it does reasonably well (I don’t expect to become a sticker millionaire with 1980s graphics) then the update will follow soon after and contain screenshots for every screen in the original game and lots of customised text. If it still does well, I’ll add the sampled scream and “Chi-me-ra!” speech. The former will remind you of why the game scared the living crap out of you and the latter will take you right back to 1985 audio quality. And then you’ll be glad that you’re in 2016.

The Chimera C64 iMessage Sticker Pack is currently awaiting review (for a beta build) and if all goes well, should be in the App Store next week.

I hope you’ll like it and I’ll be very happy to update it (and the following Spectrum version) in any way you’d like!