I’ve finally managed to get a proper coordinate template integrated properly. Everything still seems to work. What does this mean? Well, visually, nothing at all, but internally, it makes the manipulation of coordinates a lot easier and a lot more readable.

There’s been quite a bit of internal re-jigging and I’d say what little there is of the code, is in acceptable shape for further building.

Next step is to grab the original Chimera graphics any way I can. A little helper class will help in that regard and I’m going to call it “streamtoimage” given what it’s suppose to do with streams of bytes. It should be smart enough to decode a number of image formats from the old days, but I’ll be happy for it to work just on the Spectrum version of Chimera. Any stride value, byte order, interleave and colour format should be readable.

Then I’ll actually have some graphics to work with. Why not re-use the old ones after all.

Social Meltdown

I recently went on a spate of disconnection activity. I de-friended everyone on Facebook (a partial Facebook suicide, if you want to call it that), I closed down two of my blogs, I shut down my Flickr, Tumblr, Vimeo and a slew of other on-line accounts and services. I disconnected from my MSN, Yahoo and AIM services (though the account still exist).

It all gets too much and it all seems rather pointless. I kept this blog going though, despite not having done anything of any substance on Chimera for 18 days. I’ve messed around with an Interface pattern and looked at some old graphics. A friend even managed to recover some of my original Chimera graphics for me, which was very nice of him.

I’ve had the usual diversionary episodes like “you don’t have the time” and “you have a family” and “why are you doing this stupid vain thing anyway” and “you can’t code” and “why Chimera?” and “how about this other new, shiny game idea instead? and “won’t you get sacked?”, but they are just that, diversions.

The fact is, I got sick, I lost momentum and that was that.

The secret of progress for me is to gather momentum and to guard it jealously.

I have almost no momentum, so it’s my job now to regain it and pick up from where I left off.


Done nothing today, but recently have been working on the framework and making progress once that’s done you will see rapid strides forward.

Since I can’t afford to pay for graphics, I’m going to have a go at doing them myself. They’ll probably be crap, but at least they will be mine.

Why No Updates?

You’ve not had too many updated from me recently.

After that bout of `flu a few weeks back, I’ve had a couple of episodes of stomach trouble, the most recent starting Wednesday and easing off today. I’ll spare you the details.

I have snatched the odd bit of progress here and there, mostly in planning and outlining. For example, I’m thinking about and making notes on the best form of class hierarchy for display objects, which makes me think about a lot of other areas too, including Interface classes to keep the main body of the code detached from the hardware details, and event systems, singleton patterns, and a bunch of other things I’d not really been familiar with given my long absence from coding.

I’m glad to say it hasn’t been completely overwhelming, but given my recurring health issues, I have to be satisfied with small gains.

Thanks for those of you still bearing with me, there will be visible progress soon,¬†insha’Allah.



Does anyone have any advice on how to get Subversion going on the Mac? I think it’s about time I started to use some kind of Source Control with Chimera.

As for other news, my work on Chimera has slowed over the last few days and I’m going to get stuck in tonight with more code. I’ve a feeling I was trying to over-complicate things, so I’m going to strip things down a bit more to ensure some progress.